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グルジの軌跡④ [KPJAYI HPより]

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「好相性であろうとなかろうと、私は彼と結婚したい」と宣言したサヴィトランマは、後に周囲に愛情を込め [ アンマ =母 ]の敬称で知られるようになります。 彼らはその年(1933年) 6月の満月の4日後。 アンマの誕生日に、相互の深い愛情のもと結婚しました。 婚礼ののちアンマは彼女の家族の元へ、そしてグルジは彼の大学の寮へ戻ります。 それからの3~4年間、彼らはお互いに会うことはなく、アンマがマイソールで夫と一緒に生活を始めたのは1940年のことでした。 彼らはマンジュ、サラスワティ、ラメッシュ、3人の子どもをもうけ、それぞれが立派なヨガ教師になりました。 アンマはグルジの最初のヨガの学生でもあり、クリシュナマチャリヤより教授免許も与えられました。

西洋人・インド人問わずグルジの生徒達へも母親のように接していたアンマの存在は、グルジの存在と同様に生徒たちにとって大切なものでした。 彼女は優しく、そして愛情深く、いつもコーヒーと励ましの言葉を用意して生徒達を招き入れました。





原文・画像引用元 /



While Guruji was studying with Krishnamacharya,

a young and strong-willed girl began to attend his yoga demonstrations at the Sanskrit University, accompanied by her father, a Sanskrit scholar. One day, after one of the demonstrations, Savitramma, who was only fourteen at the time, announced to her father, “I want that man in marriage.” Agreeably, her father approached the 18-year-old Guruji and invited him to their home in the village of Nanjangud, twenty kilometers away. Guruji respectably accepted.

After learning more about the young yogi and his Brahmin and family background, Savitramma’s father agreed to the union, as did Guruji’s father despite the couple’s horoscope report of unsuitability.

“Suitable or not, I want to marry him,” declared Savitramma, who later came to be affectionately known as Amma [mother]. They were married that year in a love match on the fourth day after the full moon of June 1933, Amma’s birthday.

After the wedding, Amma returned to her family and Guruji to his room at the University. They didn’t see each other for three to four years, until 1940, when Amma joined her husband in Mysore to begin their life together.

They had three children – Manju, Saraswathi and Ramesh – each who became great yoga teachers themselves. Amma was Guruji’s first yoga student, and was also given a teaching certificate by Krishnamacharya. Amma was like a mother to Guruji’s students, both Western and Indian; her presence cherished as much as his.

She was kind and loving, always ready with an invite for coffee or an encouraging word.

Because she was also well-versed in Sanskrit, she was often nearby to correct Guruji’s mistakes or remind him of a forgotten Sanskrit verse – much to the amusement of all present.

She passed away suddenly in 1997.

Her loss was devastating to the entire family, as well as to the family of yoga students.

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